RGB Ring Thermometer

Introduction: RGB Ring Thermometer

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In this article I will make a Thermometer using a 16 bit RGB Neo pixel ring.

The maximum temperature that can be measured with this tool is 48 degrees Celsius.

So because it uses 16 LEDs, each RGB LED will represent 3 degrees Celsius.

The color and number of LEDs will adjust to the measured temperature. for example, the measured temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. Leds that will live are 10 pieces. Look at the picture above. for color I use gradations from green to red.

Step 1: Required Component

Components that must be prepared:

Required Library

  • DHT
  • Adafruit_NeoPixel

Step 2: Assemble All Components

See the picture above to do the component assembly

Arduino to RGB & DHT

+5V ==> VCC RGB & (+) DHT

GND ==> GND RGB & (-) DHT

D2 ==> IN RGB

D4 ==> OUT DHT

Step 3: Programming

Download the sketch file that I put below:

Step 4: Result

See the picture above for the results.

The measured temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.
If 3 degrees Celsius = 1 LED, then 30 degrees Celsius = 10 LEDs. And separately I use gradations from green to red.

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