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Arduino: Random Options Picker is a tool to generate a random name based on your options, with unlimited options, and different Random Seed every time you push the button. I spent +$36. Time needed just about 2-3 hours. Let's get started.

Step 1: Preparing...

Here's the things you gonna need:

(1) Arduino Uno

(1) 16x2 LCD

(1) Breadboard

(1) Button

(1) Potentiometer 10kΩ

(1) Resistor 220Ω

(18) Wire or Jumper Wire

(1) Arduino Cable to USB or 9V Battery + DC Adaptor

Step 2: Making...

The form is technically looks-like on the graph. Simple. Follow it and done.

Step 3: Uploading...

Once you have finish the "plugging cable" and "stuffs", it's time to upload the code to the Arduino.

Step 4: Finishing...

Once you have finished, try to use it. When you push the button, it will shows a random name from your options for 5 sec (you can change the time from the code).

*P.S. If necessary, you can make a case or any alternative, so it can look cleaner and tidier.

Step 5: Extras

If the LCD don't show any text, but just blocks or weird languages somehow like error, you can:

1. Make sure that all your cables are fine and can be used.

2. Make sure that your cables, LCD, button, and Potentiometer are plugged at the right spot.

3. If it still not working, Reset the Arduino, or Re-Make it.

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