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Hey people, this is an instructable I created for Social Networking/Messenger Display Picture, either for Profile or Group Display Picture. This is what I do for my class' LINE Group Display Picture. This can be used in any Social Networking Profiles or any Messenger Apps, like LINE, Instagram, Whatsapp, BBM, Kik, KakaoTalk, Skype and others too. In this ible, I used two applications which are Autodesk AutoCAD (for the format) and Adobe Photoshop (for the image editing). If there are alternative application beside using Autodesk AutoCAD, you can use it for the format. Let's begin.

Lvl: Medium

ETA: 90 Minutes

P.S. Any version of AutoCAD and Photoshop are okay.

Step 1: AutoCAD: Creating Layout...

First, create a rectangle with A3 size (42x30), either landscape or portrait. To create the rectangle:

1. Make two lines with right angle (first image).

2. Type 'o' and hit enter.

3. Type '42'.

4. Select the line to make a distance of 42.

5. Do the same thing with 30.

6. It will be done (second image).

7. Type 'trim'.

8. Select all lines.

9. Hit enter.

10. Select the excess lines.

11. It will be done (third image).

Step 2: AutoCAD: Creating Circles...

After creating the Layout, now create three circles. To create it:

1. Type 'circle' and hit enter.

2. Select a point and make circle as big as possible inside the layout (first image).

3. Hit space.

4. Select the centre point of the first circle.

5. Create small circle inside it (second image).

6. Hit space.

7. Create bigger circle, but still inside the first circle (third image).

Step 3: AutoCAD: Dividing...

This time, I'm making it for 25 people. 1 in the centre, 12 on the first sector, and rest 12 on the other sector. To divide it:

1. Type 'div' and hit enter.

2. Select the biggest circle and type '12' and hit enter.

3. Hit space.

4. Select the smallest circle and type '12' and hit enter.

5. Now there are 12 points on the biggest and smallest circles (first image).

6. Type 'line' and hit enter.

7. Connect the point on the biggest circle to the smallest circle (second image).

8. Do it to all of the points (third image).

Step 4: AutoCAD: Plotting...

After finish making the format, now time to export. To export it:

1. Click 'File' and select 'Export' (first image).

2. Select the location to save the file.

3. Click 'What to Export' and select 'Window' (second image).

4. Now click on the upper left rectangle point, and click again on the down right rectangle point (third image).

5. Then click 'Save'.

Step 5: Photoshop: Editing Format...

Now we have finish with AutoCAD, you can close the program. Let's continue in Photoshop:

1. Insert the file to Photoshop (first image).

2. Click 'File', 'New', and create a square-size transparent file (second image).

3. Move the format to the new file and adjust it.

4. Then use the Wand Tool to select the space outside the format.

5. Click 'Edit', 'Fill' to fill it with any colour. I'll go with black.

Step 6: Photoshop: Filtering People Photos...

Time to edit photos of my friends. For example, I used my friend's photo, Sam. Let's continue:

1. Insert the photo, any size. It's better if the photo have large resolution (first image).

2. Click 'Layers' and Hit Ctrl-J (Windows) or Command-J (Mac) to duplicate the layer (second image).

3. Now go to 'Layer 1', click the 'Adjustment Layer' button, and click 'Hue and Saturation' (third image).

4. Change the saturation to -100 (fourth image).

5. Go to 'Layer 1' and change the kind from 'Normal' to 'Color Dodge' (fifth image).

6. Now, the layer looks like all white (sixth image).

7. Click 'Filter', 'Blur', and click 'Gaussian Blur' (seventh image).

8. Adjust the radius by sliding it until it looks good enough (eight image).

9. Click the 'Adjustment Layer' button, and click 'Levels' (ninth image).

10. Slide the input until the image looks good enough (tenth image).

11. Create a new layer (eleventh image).

12. Crop the image into the head part about square-size, and rotate a bit if necessary (twelfth image).

13. Select the 'Paint' tool.

14. Select any colour (thirteenth image).

15. Paint all the background (fourteenth image).

16. After painting is done, save it as JPEG (fifteenth image).

Step 7: Photoshop: Blending...

After finished editing all of the person's photo, time to blend it with the frame. Let's blend it:

1. Insert the picture to the format file. Adjust, resize and rotate the image (first image).

2. There might be spaces haven't been painted. Paint the rest area with the same colour (second image).

3. The paint is over its area. Here's what we gonna do:

a. Click the 'Wand' tool.

b. Go to the format's layer.

c. Select the area around the person's image.

d. Go to the person image's layer.

e. Then hit delete. Now it's tidy. Do the same thing to the rest images.

Step 8: Finishing...

We're almost done. Just save the image to JPEG or any other format. Then go to your instant messaging app, and change its display picture. I'll go with LINE. Crop and resize the image. Done. Yay!

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