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Introduction: Arduino Spider

This is my 1st upload so it probably isn't the best, I will upload the code I am using and a video showing how it works within the next couple days

Step 1: Parts

I used an arduino UNO rev3, a ping sensor and a spider bot from radio shack. You will need to know how to solder and some programming basics

Step 2:

I soldered the ping sensor to a small board for convenience

Step 3:

I removed the top to the spider and the processor chip inside just leaving the wires to the motors attached. I soldered longer wire onto the wires coming off of the motors There is two motors that control the spider - rotation - leg movement

Step 4:

I zip tied a plastic mount onto the top of the spider for the arduino to sit on

Step 5:

Each motor connects to a pwm and a digital output on the arduino

Step 6:

The ping sensor sits on top of the arduino and plugs into 5v,gnd, and the sig plugs into digital 7

Step 7:

The whole thing runs off of 1 9v battery connected to the arduino

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    7 years ago

    Where was the 'spider' sourced?

    fantastic project! is there any way you could post the coding you used? Im interested in doing something similar but have never used pwm on the arduino