Introduction: Arduino Toy

When I was in childhood, In my country introduce B-daman from Japan, I buy a lot of official rings, but it too expensive, so I want to use Arduino and laser cutting machine to make it one.


B-daman (buy it)

Arduino Leonardo (buy it) or Arduino Uno (buy it)

wire (buy it)

wire female to male (buy it)

resistance 0.25 watt (buy it)

Crocodile clip (buy it)

220 Ohm resistor (gold black red gray)

Aluminum foil

laser cutting machine (if you don't have, you can use a utility knife to cut cardboard)

wood or (cardboard)


double-sided tape

Step 1: Code

Step 2: Electronic Circuit

The crocodile clip Pin is 2,3,4

Led Pin 5,6,7

Step 3: The Box

In this project, I use a laser cutting machine but I believe that many people didn't have a laser cutting machine so we can use cardboard instead.

Use a hot-melt gun to sticky the wood together.

Use tape to fixed Led, and use double-sided tape to let aluminum foil sticky on wood.

This is a picture file

picture file will differ from my works because I forget to save the picture file, I'm so sorry

Step 4: How to Use?

Use your B-daman to hit the aluminum foil and the LED will get high.