Introduction: Arduino Traffic Light Project [With Pedestrian Crossing]

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If you are looking for something easy, simple and at the same time you want to impress everyone with your Arduino then traffic light project is probably the best choice especially when you are a beginner in the world of Arduino.

We shall first see how to make a simple traffic light mechanism then to make it more interesting add the provision of pedestrian crossing as well. This post will cover the items required, step by step procedure and final code that needs to be uploaded on the Ardunio to make it all work.

So let’s start!

Step 1: Items Required

If recommend you to use the following listed items only for this project to work successfully.

Arduino :

1 x 10k-ohm resistor :

1 x pushbutton switch :

6 x 220-ohm resistors :

A breadboard :

Connecting wires :

Red, yellow and green LEDs :

Step 2: How Does the Traffic Light System Works ?

In this project we will be simulating the traffic light system as in real life. The Red LED will be switched ON for 15 seconds followed by yellow and Green. Then Green will get turned OFF and yellow will be switched ON for few seconds followed by RED again and the cycle goes ON.

Now if we include the pedestrian crossing feature, the signal lights should operate to RED LED whenever someone pushes the crossing button as in real life. So instead of lights changing every 15 seconds, the light will change only when the button is activated.

Now lets learn how to put everything together

Step 3: Steps to Follow

1.First let’s make the circuit for normal traffic light system without the pedestrian crossing feature. Make sure to follow the exact circuit diagram since the program is designed accordingly.

2.Now that you got the first half in place, let’s add the pedestrian crossing feature with little more addition to the existing circuit diagram.

3.Upload the Arduino code which is made for this project. You can find the code in this link : .

4.Bingo! you are all set to test your traffic light system with pedestrian crossing.