Introduction: Emergency Mobile Charger Using Solar Panel [Complete Guide]

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Looking for a way to charge your phone when you are completely out of options? Make yourself a emergency mobile charger with a portable solar panel which could come handy especially while traveling or while outdoor camping. This is a hobby project which can be made by anyone following some very simple instructions. The charger works by using a solar panel as a energy generator converting solar energy to electrical energy. Since the voltage required by a phone is 5V, a voltage regulator IC 7805 is used to get the desired output voltage from the solar panel.

You can the find in detailed tutorial over here also :

Step 1: Items Required

1. 1Watt Solar Panel 9V : The suitable solar panel for this project because of it's rating and size. Available here :

2. Voltage regulator IC7805: This will give you constant output voltage, doesn't matter what the input voltage is. Available here :

3. Male - female USB cable: The female end is required to connect the USB cable of the phone to the generator. Available here:

4. Glue Gun : This is required to securely paste everything on a wooden surface. Available here:

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Step 2: How Does It Work?

When the solar panel is exposed to the direct sunlight it converts solar energy into electrical energy this inducing DC voltage at the terminals. But since its not possible for a person to maintain a constant 5V which is required by the phone to charge therefore an IC7805 is used to regulate the voltage and makes sure a constant 5V is available.

Step 3: Steps to Follow :

Step 1 : Cut out the female end of the USB cable clip of the data cables. We require only RED and BLACK wires as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Now using a solder iron make the following connections as given in the connection diagrams.

Step 3: Paste the IC 7805 and fmale USB port on the surface of the wooden base with a glue gun so as to secure it on the surface. You can refer the video for more information here.

Step 4: Also it would be preferred to keep the solar panel at a height in an inclined manner.

Bingo ! now you are ready to test your 'Emergency Mobile Charger' !

Step 4: Video

Here is a short video showing step by step procedure