Introduction: Arduino Wifi Temperature Logger

This is a simple demo using the ESP8266 and Cactus Micro (a arduino compatible board) to update a remote server ( using a digital temperature sensor.

Step 1: Materials

The Cactus Micro is an arduino compatible dev board, it integrated a WIFI chip ESP8266.

Step 2: Connecting the Wires Together

  • Connect esp8266 module is easy. Just plug in to the pins.
  • DS18B20 - DQ(2) -> Cactus pin 14, DQ(2) -> 4.7KR -> VCC(3.3V)

Step 3: Arduino Setup and Sketch

The sketch code:

For Cactus Micro Rev2, the default firmware for esp8266 is espduino. Please use this sketch instead.

Step 4: SparkFun Setup

We create a data stream at SparkFun, follow this link to do this.

Once you've created your stream, keep the window open so you have easy access to your public and private keys handy - you'll need those to replace the KEY in the Arduino sketch.

Now you are ready to start sending data.