Introduction: Arduino Writing Mewtocol Protocol From PLC'S Panasonic

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Thanks to the request of one of my subscribers I have created this tutorial, which will be written in a Panasonic PLC (Nais) of the FPX Series Family. These PLCs are very practical and a high percentage of machines have it as a unit control.

On this occasion I will use an Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 and a converter MAX232 (RS232) to write to DT records of the PLC, since in the network are the manuals of Mewtocol Protocol of panasonic that is used by PLC'S, HMI Screens, Inverters, Servo Drives Among other industrial devices.


Arduino writing Mewtocol Protocol from PLC'S Panasonic

Arduino escribiendo Protocolo Mewtocol de PLC’S Panasonic

Step 1: Serial Ports RS232

The Arduino will communicate through the Toolport, the PLC's programming port that supports the configuration as Master-slave Mew-Computer-Link and general purpose (Scanners, bar code readers).

The Mewtocol protocol has similarities to Modbus, although the Mewtocol mixes Hexadecimal and Ascii in its frames, with 2 usb serial converters, 1 PLC and a panasonic screen, I take the task of spying physically the plot, understand it and replicate it in Arduino IDE.

Step 2: VIDEO: Arduino Writing Mewtocol Protocol From PLC'S Panasonic

Arduino writes to the DT registers (INT)of the Panasonic PLC, compatible with PLC HMI and possibly drives counters and temperature controls

Step 3: Frame Mewtocol Protocol PLC'S Panasonic

Description of Frame Mewtocol

This frame allows to write in the registers:

  1. DT Data Registers
  2. LD Link Data Registers
  3. FL File Registers

Step 4: ​Components and Materials Required for Testing

Components and materials required for testing

Step 5: Similar Test Programming PLC Panasonic Via WLAN With ESP8266

Programming PLC Panasonic Via WLAN with ESP8266

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Programming Panasonic PLC Via WLAN with ESP8266 Programando PLC Panasonic Via WLAN con ESP8266

Step 6: Spy Realterm

With the help of Realterm and 2 Serial RS232 converters we have spied the Serial Plot between a PLC and a panasonic screen and with the help of the panasonic manual we made the new FRAME in arduino IDE

Step 7: Complete Tutorial Conclusions and Downloads

Arduino writing Mewtocol Protocol from PLC'S Panasonic

Arduino escribiendo Protocolo Mewtocol de PLC’S Panasonic


This tutorial has been done to indicate the scope of arduino in basic industrial applications,
Although it must be taken into account that the hardware does not have the robustness of an industrial hardware referring to high temperatures low vibration insulation, electronic noise and more characteristics of the industrial environment.

But in controlled and stable applications, it can be considered as an effective solution.

Having wing hand documentation and capacity can be recreated or generate any frame of industrial protocol in this case Ser RS232, specifically the protocol mewtocol.

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