Introduction: Arduino Zoetrope

The Zeotrope is a device that creates illusions, making a drawing of papers come to life. These illusions are created by the motion of the spinning disc and the constant flash of the light, this combination creates the animation.

The project was inspired by Elabz (, I also had an interest in this topic because I wanted to experience and recreate toys back in the days, I wanted to know what are some enjoyment of my parents and grandparents.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Apart from the Arduino kit, no other materials are needed to be purchase separately.


Arduino Kit

- 1 white light bulb

- about 30 wires

- 1 Arduino breadboard

- 1 DC Geared Motor 6V

- 1 L298N Driver

- tools needed for the (L298N Driver)

Cardboard box

1-inch needle

1- powerbank (10000w)

Step 2: Populate the Arduino Breadboard

Make sure to attach each wire neatly, a misplacing wire will affect the outcome and success of the project.

To avoid the breadboard or the power bank to be messy inside the cardboard, place a blue tack at the bottom to stabilize it.

Step 3: Code

here is my link

Step 4: Zoetrope Animations Cutout

Here are some pictures from Pintrest that you can print out and cut out

PS: the cutouts works better if they are layered and steardy

Step 5: Finishing Touches

after building the zoetrope, try to test it out.

- If the illusion is weak, try to make a box to cover the lights from the surrounding to make the illusions better.

- If the box covering technique still doesn't work, then try to capture the illusion in slow-motion, take a camera or a phone to record the zoetrope in slow-motion and watch as your drawings come to life.

That's all, have fun !!!