Introduction: Washing Face Morning Routine ( for Kids)

Over the weekend, my little cousin stayed in our house as his parents weren't home, upon living with him for two days, I noticed that he had a little hard time remembering each step when washing his face after he wakes up. So I decided to build him a Washing Face Morning Routine machine with my Arduino, this machine has 5 steps of washing patterns and 3 main steps of the routine. This Arduino Machine involves LED lights and Piezo for escorting each step with sounds and lights. This machine is mainly effective for kids about 6-10 years of age for them to learn their morning routines.

Step 1involves the servo motor giving off the washcloth upon the press of the button.

Step 2 involves the wetting of the washcloth and squeezing it afterward to eliminate excess water.

Step 3is the washing face process with 5 patterns

[1] Face Right Side

[2] Face Left Side

[3] Eyes Area

[4] Nose Area

[5] Chin and Ears

Step 1: Prepare Materials

In order to make this machine and do the project, the following materials are needed:

(Apart from the Arduino Kit, no other materials are needed to be purchased)

- 1 cardboard box

- 1 Arduino Leonardo

- 1 Servo motor

- 1 breadboard

- 1 button

- About 30 wires

- 1 Piezo

- 3 LED lights ( colors may vary)

- 1 power bank (10000w)

- 1 roll of tape ( any sturdy may do)

- Printer or may draw faces by yourself

- 4 Resistor ( 3 brown ones [carbon film resistor] and 1 blue one [metal film resistor] )

- Blue tack

- Highlighter

Step 2: Populate the Arduino Board

Before attaching the wire and other variables to the breadboard, making color coordination will make the board neater and easier to intercept and connect each wire. The picture on the left is a neater and simpler picture using Tinkercad to make the diagram. On the other hand, the picture on the left is my breadboard of how I connected each wire, take note that the wire placement of both pictures may differ but the result will still be the same.

- Make sure to attach each wire neatly, a misplacing wire will affect the outcome and success of the project.

- To avoid the breadboard and the power bank to be messy inside the cardboard, place a blue tack to attach the things on the cardboard.

- taping each end when making a longer wire with two wires will be better to make sure the wires will not be loose and detach

Step 3: Cardboard ( Measurements)

This step is optional and not an important requirement for cardboard sizes may differ:

The machines have 3 layers of cardboard


- Small box is 24cm x 20 cm x 7 cm

- Mid box is 25cm x 22cm x 10 cm

- Big box is 27cm x 24 cm x 7 cm

- ( MID BOX) The hole for the button (diameter is 3 cm) Circumference is 9.42 cm

- ( SMALL BOX) The two holes for the wires is 1cm x 1cm

After the measurements and cutouts are done

- small box for servo motor, washcloth, and step pictures.

- mid box for sticking of the Piezo, 3 LED lights and the button

- large box for wrapping the whole box up, to also wrap up the wires and the Arduino so no wire will fall out and the Arduino and its materials will not be damaged.

Step 4: Enter the Code

Step 5: Arduino Block Code

Step 6: Printables

Here are some printable for step three, use the highlighter to highlight out each facial part for each step.





Step 7: Finishing Touches

After building the Washing Face Morning Routine Machine, try it out.

If you are feeling creative, you may also improve this machine by adding or changing the washcloth to a toothbrush or a handwashing procedure.

That's all, stay clean and have fun !!!