Introduction: Obstacles Avoiding RC- Through Contact DIY (arduino)

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My RCs function is based on two permanently open circuits, one on the left side and one on the right side of the RC, which close when the side bumps on something. A mustache like cable is then pressed on a screw and the closed switch gives the signal to arduino to turn to the opposite side (90 degrees to the original direction). In case it bumps against something straight ahead does nothing(!) but thats why I am going to add the ultrasound function in the next project.

Materials I used:
arduino UNO
adafruit motor shield V1
2x DC motors 3-6V
2x 10K resistors (1/4W)
2X220Ohms resistors for the LEDs
one bright blue LED
one bright red LED
four 1,5V batteries
one 9V battery for arduino
two screws about 4cm long