Introduction: Arduino-wtv020-Sd-16P / Talking Distance Meter

Hello my friends,

I want to present my arduino project to all of you :)

First of all, I want you to know that project is not complex as you think.

The Materials That I Used For This Project

1) Arduino Uno / Arduino Nano or Micro (recommended)

2) Mp3 Sound Module (wtv020-SD-MINI or wtv020M01 / The both are same)

3) HC-SRF04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

4) Speaker

5) Micro SD Cart (This is very important for sound module. Each card doesn't work well. I used Samsung 512MB and 1GB. They worked very good)

This is a talking distance meter. It speaks Turkish and English. The switch connected to Pin8 changes the language from Turkish to English. When the Pin8= High , Arduino speaks Turkish. When the Pin8= Low , Arduino speaks English. The other connections are necessary to work of ultrasonic sensor and wtv020sd16P. If you want, you can also add a LCD (16x2) to see the measure.

I want to use that for blind people. They don't see anything. And the obstacles are very big problem for them. Thanks to this project, they can understand how far they are from the obstacle without a stick.

This project is very big because of Arduino Uno. So Arduino nano or Micro would be good choice. If you want to try same one, you can select smaller arduino.

Step 1: Audio File

You need to change your audio files from ".mp3" to ".ad4" . I uploaded the program. You can change your audio files from mp3 to ad4. You can check it on youtube if you don't know how it's uses.

First of all, you must format your SD card. After, copy your audio files (.ad4) and paste into to the card. And Insert the micro sd card to MP3 module. That's all for this step.

Step 2: Wtv020sd16P Library for Arduino

You can download the library of wtv020sd16P for Arduino skecth.

Step 3: My Notes

1) Don't lose your hope if you fail at your first atempt. It will work!

2) Choose a slow micro SD card. The limit of capacity is 1 GB. But some 2 GB cards work well. I used Samsung 512 MB and 1 GB. They worked good. Toshiba and Nokia 2 GB didn't work.

3) Some people says .ad4 file and .wav file work good. But my project didn't try with .wav files. .ad4 files is better (I think)

4) 5 volt burns your sd card. You must give 3.3V to Pin16 of mp3 module

5) Be sure that connections are true.

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