Introduction: Arduion Wall E Robot

Hi, I am Usha and my partners Fathima, Monica we are from white field nook.Today we show how to do Arduino wall e robot.



  • Arduino.
  • Motor shield.
  • AA Batteries cell.
  • Gear motor.
  • Battery shield.
  • Toy wheel.
  • Switch.
  • Servo motor.
  • Jumping wires.
  • Wires.
  • Cardboard sheet.
  • Ball bearing wheel.
  • Ultra sonic sensor.

Step 1: Gear Motor


  • Take 2 gear motor connect the wire to the motor.
  • Fix the gear motor to the wheels .
  • Take cardboard sheet and stick the ball bearing wheel and two wheel in the cardboard sheet.

Step 2: Soldering Wires


  • Take 4 wires connect it to switch.
  • Take a battery shield connect to the wire to the switch.
  • Take another 2 wires from the switch connect to the Arduino.
  • Take motor shield and fix it on Arduino.

Step 3: Fixing


  • Take Arduino,motor shield and battery connector fix it on cardboard sheet.
  • And also take servo motor and ultra sonic sensor fix it on the cardboard sheet.
  • And connect jumping wires to ultra sonic sensor, servo motor and to Arduino.
  • And put AA battery to the battery connector.
  • Now the Arduino wall e robot is ready.