Introduction: Four Blade Paper Fan

Hi friends, greetings from Shalini

Today I have come up with a small idea on how to do a four blade paper fan. Without any future delay let us see what are the items required to do this.

Materials required:

1. 4 strips of cardboard sheet 15cm X 3cm

2. 4 lean strips of color paper

3. Film cans ( or bottle caps)

4. Wooden skewer

5. Press button

6. Flat refill

7. Old CD/DVD ( or cardboard )

Step 1: Preparation

Step 1:

First we have to cut out the KG cardboard into 4 strips in the measurement of 15cm in height and 3cm in breadth, here instead of film cans I have used bottle caps, using a hot glue gun we have to stick them and should insert a hole in it. Instead of pen refill and press button we can also use straws and one of the straw should be closed on one end

Step 2: Preparing of Blades

Step 2:

The cardboard strips should have to stuck one on another as shown in the image. Draw a diagonal line and slightly crease them inward. Put a hole in middle of them and insert straws. The straw which is closed on one side should be placed inside the top blade.

Step 3: Base

Step 3:

As we have discussed in the first slide we can even use bottle caps instead of film cans.

Stick them one on the other, put a hole inside the caps to insert the wooden skewer and stick them. Prepare a base using CD/DVD then stick this above the base.

Step 4: Blades

Step 4:

After attaching the straw attach the lean strips of paper to them in a curved manner.