Introduction: DIY Ardunio Weather Station Nokia 5110 LCD

Yet another very simple and portable "weather station".

I had a few leftover sensors, a pro mini and a LCD display. I found 3 plastic enclosure that i was missing for a time now. So i decided to make a compact gadget for myself that will run on a battery for a few hours.

With a very simple sketch it is working perfect.

Step 1: Materials

The materials i used:

- Arduino Pro Mini Atmega168P

- Nokia 5110 Lcd

- DHT11 sensor (DHT22)

- TP4056 lithium battery charger

- BL-5C Nokia battery

- 2 switches

- Some solder and wires

- A 100x60x25mm plastic enclosure

- A glue gun and a few glue sticks

- A cutting tool

Step 2: Software

Open the sketch in Arduino IDE.

Download the correct libraries.

Compile it and upload to Arduino board.

You are done!

Step 3: The Assembled Weather Station!

It took me about 2 hours to prepare the enclosure for assembling the hardware.

With a mini grinder and a rotary cutting tool it was quite fast.

Soldering the hardware together was a bit long and gluing it to the enclosure was easy.

One switch is switching the power to the hardware, if it is switched down the hardware is not getting any power.

The second switch is for the backlight of the lcd.

The battery has only 1000mah capacity, at this moment it is running for about 4 hours now, without backlight of course. The TP4056 charger is a very neat and easy to use charger. It charges this battery about 1 hour.

Yes i know it is very simple and not so interesting. But it is always a higher value for us if it is done by ourselves.

Thanks for reading this instructable.