Introduction: Arepa Balls (Who Doesn't Love Balls?)

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You will need: PAN finely ground corn meal (as pictured) Hot water (from tap is fine) Salt (if desired) Butter Shredded cheese of choice (mozzarella & white cheese work best) Cake ball maker

Step 1: Mix Dough

*First, turn on your cake ball maker to preheat it!* Pour a liberal amount of Pan finely ground corn meal into a large bowl and toss in some salt for taste. Add hot water. Mix with your hand while you're adding water to get a feel for when the consistency is thick enough to make into balls.

Step 2: Make Your Balls

Take a handful of dough and roll into 2" ball. Repeat until you have desired amount of balls.

Step 3: Cook Your Balls

Place your dough balls in the cake ball maker, close lid and cook for about 10 minutes or until the shell of each ball is hard and slightly darkened.

Step 4: Your Balls Should Look Like This

Slightly darkened, hardened outer shell.

Step 5: Remove Your Cooked Balls

Carefully remove each arepa ball and place on a dish. Cut each ball in half as shown.

Step 6: Scoop Out the Insides of Your Balls

Using a spoon, scoop out a portion of the soft dough from each half. (You are making room for your fillings.) Place the scooped out dough on another dish to eat later with your fillings sprinkled on top. Yumm!

Step 7: Stuff Your Balls

Place a little bit of butter inside each half, then place cheese inside and put the two halves back together, as shown. Now you have gooey goodness to share with friends or family, or to eat all by yourself. You can also add cooked ground sausage inside with the cheese for a heartier taste. Enjoy!