Introduction: Arm Knit Throw

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This is a perfect project for someone who doesn’t know much about knitting. It is great for the cold nights with a nice hot beverage.


You will need 6 skeins if chunky yarn and about an hour (unless you make mistakes or you have “helper”).
One skein equals one unit.

Step 1: Making a Slipknot

Measure out about 6 feet which will be the tail. I will talk about it later. Once you find that 6ish ft mark make a loop making sure the tail is on the bottom. Then you put you hand through the loop making the tail on top now. You then grab the other end (non tail end) and pull on the tail to make a knot. You now have the slipknot. The non tail can now be adjusted to what size your arm is.

Step 2: Casting On

Now you can cast on. Which mean making the first stitches for the rest of your project. You will want to make a total of 15 stitches. You first put the slipknot on you arm (I use my right). With my left hang I grab the yarn and make a U shape. Watch video. Then repeat 13 time. You have now made the first row. (If you have cats or kids now is the time they will want your attention).

Step 3: Making the Other Rows

Now to make another row you grab the yarn that is hanging from your last stitch. Watch video on how to make a stitch and continue tell you have completed all 15 stitches and it is now on your other arm. Yay you completed the second row.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3

Repeat step 3 for each row tell there is about 6ft left of the last skein. If you make a mistake that’s fine just restart by pulling on the yarn that makes the stitches. (I had to do this lots of times) remember that mistakes happen and learn from them.

Step 5: Finishing Up

To finish up once you have you 6ish feet left it is time to finish. Watch video.

Step 6: Weaving the Tails

Now there is another tail. You now weave it along the top. Now remember the other tail. Now is the time to deal with it. You weave it just like you did with the other one.

Step 7: Curling Up With the Blanket

It is now done and ready to be used. It may look like it won’t be to warm but it is. My kids are telling me it is my kid net or my spider web. Happy Knitting and may the yarn be ever in your favor.

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