Introduction: Arm Knitting

In this project, you will learn how to knit using nothing but two arms and an imagination!

Step 1: Choose Your Yarn

I chose a Lion Brand Quick and Cozy in white, and used 2 thinner yarns made by Red Heart in a peach color and a gray color. I have about 9 feet worth of the gray/white and 3 feet of the white/peach. This means 2 skeins of the Lion Brand yarn, one of the gray Red Heart, and 1/4 of the peach Red Heart. You will want the thicker yarn so that it creates a thicker scarf, as a thinner yarn will knit up thinner.

Step 2: Begin Your Measuremrnt

You will need to combine your yarns so the white yarn is the same length as the colors. You will need plenty of room for this so your yarn doesn't tangle in the process. I suggest finding a long corridor and throwing the yarn down the hallway. When your yarns are combined, stretch them out or wrap them in a ball so that they are easily accessible.

Step 3: Cast On

You will now need to cast on. From the end of your string, measure approximately 1 wingspan (your arms wide) and make a slip knot with a tail of about 5 inches for the end of the project and put it over your dominant hand. Using the working yarn (the side with the yarn ball) cast on by placing the yarn over your hand and twisting your wrist. This will make a loop which you will then put on your dominant hand. Do this 6/8 times to get the base of your scarf. You may need to move the strings up your arm to fit it all on.

Step 4: Knit!

To knit, hold the working yarn in your dominant hand and using your other hand, pull the loop through and make a loop with the working yarn. Put that new loop on your other hand-this constitutes a stitch. Continue until you have about 7 inches of knitted scarf, or however long you'd like to knit it if you are only using one color.

Step 5: Optional- Change Colors!

So you want to have multiple colors in your scarf? Easy! Just cut your yarn and tie on the other color and knit as you do normally. I do advise that you wait until you are on a new row so there is a clean separation. To go back to the other color, cut, tie, and continue knitting.

Step 6: Casting Off.

When you have used almost all of your yarn or you feel that your scarf is long enough, you can start to cast off. First, knit the first two stitches to your arm. Then, take the first stitch (#2 on your arm), and pass it over, thus dropping the stitch. Continue until you have one stitch left, then tie it off with the excess material you have from the beginning of the project.

Step 7: Cleaning Up

You may have some extra strands of yarn coming out of your scarf, so once it is all knitted up, take a pair of scissors and cut off the extra yarn and toss it, or save it for future projects. Then, you are good to go!