Army Cake

Introduction: Army Cake

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When I served in the army, there was always a desire to eat and there was no food. We prepared from what was at hand.

Step 1:

We take food, it's bread and sgushchenka (milk with sugar of dense consistency or condensed milk)

Step 2:

We take bread, cut off the top, open the tin can

Step 3:

Pour the contents out of the jar into the bread

Step 4:

We collect bread on spare parts and put in the refrigerator for a day to soak inside

Step 5:

We get it, cut it, and eat it. Children really like

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    5 years ago

    When I was in the U.S. Army and on maneuvers (out in the field) we used to get refrigerator biscuits (ready to bake biscuits in a cardboard tube - pop n' fresh) and bring them along.

    side note: these are okay to keep in the package and un-refrigerated for a couple of days unless the temperature is too warm, in which case they will rise and explosively burst out of the tube making a mess.

    At night we would fry these biscuits in a small amount of oil and then dip them in sweetened condensed milk before eating them. Occasionally we would also dip them in sugar after the milk.

    It was a great treat.