Introduction: Arrow of Light Arrow and Plaque

I was the den leader for my son's Webelos den. There were 2 dens with Webelos IIs that just earned their Arrow of Light and crossed over to become a Boy Scouts. We wanted to put together a nice award to celebrate their achievement, but we didn't have a lot of money. What we designed was relatively simple and relatively cheap. We spent approx $15 per scout to create the below. 

Step 1: The Arrow

We ordered arrows for each scout. The arrows had the flights attached, but no tip. We also ordered arrow head flints to go with the arrow and sinew for . The images I have here are from the vendor that I bought them from (

Step 2:

Now we had to mount the arrow heads to the arrow. To do this we used a jig saw to rip a notch into the arrow. The arrow heads were not consistent so we had to cut each one to the thickness of the arrow head. We inserted the arrow head and wrapped it with sinew. To wrap the sinew we just did figure eights a few times then wrapped around the shaft. Sinew sticks to itself so we did not put on any glue to make it stay.

Step 3: Painting the Arrow

There are many guidelines on the internet for painting but we used this pdf as a guide for the painting. We did not use this guideline for the plaque

We created painting templates template for parents with their son's colors and had them paint the colors by placing the arrow over a couple pieces of Styrofoam and turning the arrow as they hold the paint brush. Here is an example.

Step 4: The Plaque

The plaque was something we had to think about for a while. We didn't have money to sped for a nice plaque, and I am not good enough with wood to do the fancy cut outs that some have done. I really wanted to get something that represented the Arrow of Light patch ad I thought about how painting leaves a line when we put masking tape over a section of the wall. I had walnut stain from another project and tried an experiment. I cut a 1"x 6" pine board to 24" length. I then placed 1" wide masking tape like the sun rays of the patch and created a crude circle. I pressed the tape down tight and rubbed the stain onto the board in the upper areas.

To mount the arrows I used two 1/4" wire clips. I then cut one side of the wire clip and screwed it into the board with the opening facing out. This will allow the arrow to snap into place, securely holding the arrow, but it allow the arrow to detach from the plaque for moving or other reasons. The clips were screwed into place on either side, close to the bottom of the sun.

Step 5: Plate and Feathers

We then had a local company make plates (they did at cost) and we tied feathers to the arrows. The finished product was nice and the scouts were happy - which is really the point of it!