Introduction: Artistic Bench

This project came about when someone offered me a old twin bed. I proceeded to cut in into the headboard and foot board. I cut the foot board into two pieces for use as railings/handles for a bench. I removed the railings and used the old wooden slates that were used to support the mattress, for the bottom of the bench. I measured the length between the railings and from front to back, then I made the sitting platform.

When I finished putting together the pieces, I sanded the entire bench. I decided I wanted my bench to be bright colors like a summer garden so I painted the dowels red, orange and yellow. I painted the legs a teal color using outside enamel paint. Finally, I painted the top and bottom of the head board with green. Then I decided if it was going to be a garden bench then I would have to have some veggies on the bench. So I bought some inexpensive stencils of veggies and stenciled them on the back of the bench.

Finally, I didn't want to sit on the hard wood of the bench so I took some foam bedding I had left over from a camper. I made a bright yellow cover on my sewing machine and placed it over the foam. I had cut the foam to fit the measurement of the bottom of the seat and then cut the material to fit the foam piece.The last thing I did was add ties to the cushion to attach it to the headboard, in case I wanted to change the color or pattern of seat cover later.