Artistic Crate Box/Table

Introduction: Artistic Crate Box/Table

This was a fun project for me that took several weeks, but it was all worth it. Here is how I did.

Step 1: The Making

I received this crate from my parents almost lifeless. They got it at a auction. They were about to throw it away. I thought I could make something out of it and I did. I first had to clean the box with the following materials to make it look almost new.
     1. TSP
     2. A rag
     3. A Paint Brush
     4. Water Based Clear
I first scrubbed the crate down with TSP to clear the gunk from the crate. After I let it dry I coated it with clear to protect the box, but also to make it look nicer.

Step 2: Painting the Box

I next painted the top of the crate with a picture I took. The materials I used were acrylic paint, paint thinner, and paint brushes. It took me a couple of weeks to do this, but I think it turned out nice. I tried to blend the painting into the crate because I thought it created unity, but also because it is cooler like that. I used some thinner to make it look like that, but I also just did some of the thinning out with just my paint brush. Anyways I think this turned out very well. Hope you guys do to.

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    I love it!!!