Introduction: Assembling a 3D-Printed Skyrim-Saber

Here's my guide to assembling my 3D-printed "Skyrim-saber". Download the .stl files here (

This design is very simple, so I encourage anyone to create your own custom lightsaber. Depending on the feedback, I may create a tutorial highlighting the CAD work done for this project.

Credit to James Tovar for me helping out on the electrical side of things and Dregoth for the base dragon head design (



4x #3 or#4 size screws

16" Midgrade Blade from Ultra-Sabers (though any blade should be fine)


Keystone 5212 Dual AA Cell

14.5x9 mm Battery Contact pairs

8x LEDs

2x 1.5V batteries

1x toggle switch

Green (positive) wiring

Black (negative) wiring

Step 1: Arranging the LEDs

With the "LED_holder" oriented like in the first image, insert your LEDs into the holes with the longer ends in the outer holes. Next and after flipping the holder, bend those longer stems in clockwise formation (or counterclockwise, just remain consistent) laying on each other, as shown in the third imge. After applying solder onto the joints, bend the short stems so that they meet in the center and solder that joint as well (fourth image).

Step 2: Soldering LEDs to Battery Holder

As shown in the second image, solder the green (positive) wire to the point at which the short stems of the LEDs met and the black (negative) wire at any joint long the flat long stems.

Trim the green wire to about 2.5 inches. You can place the LED holder into "_covertop" now or later after all soldering is completed.

Next, pull out the "_covermiddle" and insert the toggle switch with the off symbol "upwards" (first image). Solder the green wire to nearest plug on the switch. After placing the single AA cells and the dual AA cell in the correct spots on the battery holder (see fourth image), cut a separate SEPARATE 2.5 inch piece of green wire. Solder that green wire to the other plug on the switch and the spring contact (fifth image). Feed the black wire (trimed to about 4.25 inches) through "_covermiddle" and solder it to the dimpled AA cell.

Step 3: Assembling the Hilt

Now that the saber's electrical components have been dealt with, time to put the whole thing altogether. I would advise to start with the "_covertop" and "_covermiddle".

Apply glue on the inside where the two pieces join and a little on the outside for reinforcement. Give it a solid 10+ minutes to dry and ensure that the pieces are evenly meshed together during that time. Next, glue "_coverbottom" to "_covermiddle" using the same method when joining "_covertop" and "_covermiddle".

Step 4: Final Touches

We're almost done.

Now, both "_covertop" and "_coverbottom" have holes with a diameter of roughly .1 inches that will help accommodate the size #3 or #4 screw you have on hand. If you have another piece of hardware that you believe will secure everything better and will fit through that hole, go ahead.

Before you fasten anything into that hole, test fit the "_dragonskull" into _covertop" and "_cap_" into "_coverbottom" and mark where your fastener will go into in respect to the cover (as shown in the third and fourth image). Before creating that new hole into "_coverbottom" ensure that the battery cover is resting in the provided slot in "_coverbottom".

Apply the same method on the opposite side of the joined cover.

Step 5: Conclusion

Thanks for going through this guide and downloading my 3D files. Any feedback on the files themselves or my process would be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to show off photos of your make below!

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