Introduction: Scorpion's Kunai From Mortal Kombat 11

Here's straightforward guide to assembling my "Scorpion's MK11 Kunai" design. You can download all the relevant files here (

*Note: I'm horrible at painting, so try to ignore the bad paint job as you go through this guide.


Super glue with a fine point tip

Step 1: Parts to Print

2x scorpionkunai_mk11_blade_1

2x scorpionkunai_mk11_blade_2

1x kunaiholder_top_withhole

1x kunaiholder_bottom_withpeg

4x bladeinsert

4x bladeinsert_mirrored

2x scorpionkunai_mk11_blade2_1

2x scorpionkunai_mk11_blade2_2

Step 2: Assembling the Blades (part 1)

Glue the "...blade_1" and "...blade_2" together FIRST. Shortly afterwards, apply glue to underside of the chamfered piece of "bladeinsert" and "bladeinsert_mirrored" and apply pressure. Add extra glue to other areas if necessary. Also, this step applies the same when it comes for "...blade2_1" and "...blade2_2".

Step 3: Assembling the Blades (part 2)

Once the "bladeinsert" and "bladeinsertmirrored" are securely in place, you can now glue the two blades together (image). Afterwards, flip the now joined blades and insert "bladeinsert" and "bladeinsertmirrored" into their respective slots.

Step 4: Attaching Blades to the Kunai Holder

Now that the blades are completed (image), it's time for the final touches. Insert the completed "...blade" into the open slot of "kunaiholder_bottom_withpeg" after applying glue to the bottom of that slot. Use discretion as to how much and where you should apply more glue. After the blade is firmly in place (image 2), prepare to insert one side of "...blade2". With the existing kunai on it side, apply glue and attach one side of "...blade2" into the shown slot (image 2), allowing the blade to rest on the side.

Step 5: Final Touches

Once one side of "...blade2" is firmly in place, flip the kunai on it's side and rest it on the portion of "...blade2" that was just attached. Apply the same method with the other side of "...blade2". Congratulations, you're ready to dispense vengeance as Scorpion or simply show off to your friends.

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