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Introduction: Assorted Bacon Butterballs

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Bacon Butterballs... rich and meaty... sometimes spicey... sometimes sweet... ALWAYS delicious!!!

My versatile Master Recipe for Bacon Butter is superb as-is and turns ordinary muffins and veggies into something special.

If you're feeling creative, (and I know you are!) let your imagination do sommersaults and transform Bacon Butter into the next best thing ON sliced Bread... or a baked Potato... even Green Beans.

Create a unique flavor-blend to accent any special Dish!  Just remember, when adding spices and other foods, sometimes less is more. To avoid confusing your taste buds, be selective and try not to go overboard.

Of course, you'll need to start with the Master Recipe for Bacon Butter, so on to step 1 -->

Step 1: Master Recipe for Bacon Butter- What You'll Need.

 1 cube Butter- softened.
1/2 cup real Bacon- crumbled. 
1 Tablespoon Deviled Ham.

Cream all ingredients together in a bowl.

Transfer to a resealable tupperware-type container, cover and place in your refrigerator for 60 minutes or until firm.


Bacon Butter freezes very well. You may want to double this Master Recipe and freeze any left over it for future use.

Vegetarians can substitute the real Bacon with Soy Bacon and omit the deviled Ham.

Step 2: Don't Stop Here...

Remove your Bacon Butter from the refrigerator. 

Remove the lid and turn it upside down onto a plate or into a bowl.

Just tweak/twist the tupperware a little and it should pop right out.

Now, you could just garnish your Bacon Butter with fresh Cilantro (as pictured here) and call it a yummy success... but you want encrusted Bacon Butterballs, right?

Proceed to the next step->>>

Step 3: Craisin-crusted Bacon Butterball!

Simple assembly!  This is the method you'll use to encrust Bacon Butterballs, regardless of the coating.

Note: the measured ingredients (below) are for 1 Craisin-Bacon Butterball. If you're making more, double triple or quardruple the ingredients.  

Chop 2 T Craisins and place in a bowl.

Scoop out a heaping Tablespoon of Bacon Butter and let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes. Nestle it in the chopped Craisins and gently nudge it around with a fork to coat. Once it's completely coated, roll it between your palms to create a pretty ball.

Place Craisin-Bacon Butterball in a bowl and refrigerate (while you make more!)... or serve immedately on a freshly toasted English Muffin.

Step 4: Bacon Butterball Gallery and Serving Suggestions:

From Left to Right, here is a varied selection of Crusted Bacon Butterballs, along with basic serving suggestions:

Almond-crusted (Green Beans)

Green Onion-crusted (Baked Potatoes)

Frenches Fried Onion-crusted (Mashed Potatoes)

Sunflower Seed-crusted. (Toast or English Muffin)

Double-dipped Bacon-crusted. (Corn)

Cinnamon Sugar-crusted. (French Toast)

Craisin-crusted. (English Muffin or any warm, fresh Bread)

Step 5: Get Creative and Just Have Fun!

Go beyond encrusting...

There are a gajillion spices, fruits and veggies you can fold directly into the Bacon Butter Master Recipe to suit your own personal taste and the Dish you're preparing.  Here are some suggestions, but don't be shy about adding your own favorites!


Dill- fold in or encrust. (Think "Fish". ;-)
Crushed Red Pepper
Cracked Black Pepper


Raisins, craisins,dates or any soft, dried fruit.
Crushed Pineapple- very well-drained.
Diced Avocado- fold in well to avoid oxidization.
Bananas- smashed- fold in very well to avoid oxidization.


Pickled or fresh Jalapenos- chopped and patted dry.
Black or Reds beans- drained, rinsed, patted dry then chopped.
Fresh roasted-Garlic.
Capers-rinsed, chopped patted dry.


Maple Syrup
Brown Sugar

Thanks so much for viewing this instructable, and I hope you enjoy my Bacon Butterballs!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    As a Weight Watcher I must close my minds eye to your tongue melting

    The pictures are superb, color and composition triple AAA++



    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the temptation, iceng.. but have you ever considered a low carb diet?

    I'm an Atkins fan. During the first 2 week induction phase you can have up to 20 carbs daily, eat like a king and still lose weight.

    It's not for everyone, but I absolutely LOVE the program. No counting calories,.. just carbs.

    Thank you for the compliments! ;-)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I will have to make some of these. I love the Double Dipped Bacon Crusted Butter Ball. And the Cinnamon-Sugar Crusted Butter Ball sounds excellent!  And this could also be changed from a butter ball to a cream cheese ball using the same ingredients otherwise. That would make for some yummy cream cheese! The possibilities are endless!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Just the mention of cream cheese make me weak in the knees. What a delicious idea!!!

    Thank you for commenting and for your great suggestion!


    11 years ago on Step 5

    What a unique and marvelous idea...I am proud of my friend for having such an great and imaginative entry. MP