Introduction: Attach a MagSafe 2 Adaptor to a MagSafe 1 Cable (or Never Lose Your MagSafe 2 Adaptor)

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This super smart project was originally created by MDBRABER and posted on, I made this Instructable to share the simple process so anyone can copy his great idea.

He used sugru to mount a MagSafe 2 adapter to an 'old' MagSafe 1 cable so that both he and his girlfriend could use the same charging cable around the house and also to prevent the little adaptor from getting lost.

You can get sugru directly from us on

Step 1:

This project requires just one 5g (.17oz) mini pack of sugru. First, break the sugru into two pieces. 

Step 1: Then build a small amount of sugru around the cable with one of the pieces. 

Step 2: Apply a piece of sugru to the back of your MagSafe adaptor and press it into a pyramid shape.

Step 3: Press the pyramid of sugru onto the sugru on the cable.

Step 4: Gently press the edges between them to get a nice finish.

Step 4: Leave to cure overnight.

That's it, super simple and an absolute pleasure to use. A big thanks again to MDBRABER for sharing the original idea.