Introduction: Audio Amplifier With Single Transistor 2N3055

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This Audio amplifier consists of the single transistor (2N3005) and a simple amplifier circuit consists of simple electrical components like resistors, capacitors etc. The circuit of this amplifier is quite simple because it has the minimum number of components.

Component List

Step 1: Connect the Collector of the Transistor to the Capacitor (CBB22).

Step 2: Connect the Negative Side of the 1000uF Capacitor to the White Wire (+ve Terminal) of the Mobile Jack and Solder the Black Wire (-ve Terminal) of the Mobile Jack to the Emitter of the Transistor

Step 3: Connect the Other Terminal of the Capacitor (CBB22) to the One Side of the Inductor

Step 4: Connect the Other Terminal of the Inductor to the Red (positive Terminal) of the Wire Which Is Then Connected to the Positive Terminal of the Battery and Black Terminal to the Emitter (E) of the Transistor.

Step 5: Solder the Yellow Terminals of the Speaker Across the Capacitor (CBB22).

Step 6: Solder the Battery Positive Terminal to the Red Wire and Negative Terminal to the Black Wire

Step 7: Plug the Jack in to the Mobile and Play and Listen to Whatever You Want.

Step 8: Circuit Diagram

Below is the Circuit diagram of audio amplifier with single transistor 2N3055.