Introduction: Audrey Hepburn Necklace From Breakfast at Tiffany's

I will show you how to make an Audrey Hepburn neclace from Breakfast at  Tiffany's

Step 1: What You Will Need

Beads - You need around 160 beads, depending on the size of your neck. I used 164 for mine, and this tutorial. I bought a pearl necklace, then took the beads off it. (Primark sell them for £2)
Thread - Fairly thick thread, to support the weight of the necklace.
Fasteners - You can get from any craft shop
Broach - I bought a broach from Claire's accessories. This is to go on top of the pearls to finish the necklace off.
Pliers - Not essential, but if you have a lot of thread through one bead, it can be tricky to pull through.

Step 2: Threading

You will need to cut four long pieces of thread.
On the first, thread 31 beads
On the second 33 beads
On the third 35 beads
and on the fourth 37 beads.

Step 3: Joining the Body of the Necklace

Next you will need 8 beads. Four for each side.
Attach a needle to either side of a piece of thread. Thread one bead.
With the next bead, thread it twice, both needles going through in opposite directions.
Repeat until final bead. 
Once at top, tie and repeat back down the beads.
Finally tie off.
These beads will be used to keep the four strands in place, so will be placed at either end of the main body of the necklace. 

Step 4:

Starting with the strand 1 (containing 31 beads), thread the main thread through the 4 joined beads. Repeat for each strand. Now to keep that in place, take 2 beads. thread strand 1 and 2 (containing 31 and 33 beads) through one bead and strand 3 and 4 (containing 35 and 37 beads) through the other bead. Now thread all of this through a final bead. (as pictured). Push down and tie off tightly.

Step 5: Adding Final Beads

My threads weren't long enough, so I tied then off, then attached another piece of thread. I then threaded on 10 beads. But thread on as many until when they touch at the back of your neck it hangs at the right level. Next attach a fastener to either side.

Step 6: Adding Broach

Finally add broach to centre of the necklace and its complete!