Introduction: Augmented Moped Helmet

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In this instructable, I will show you one of my idea for a more useful Moped Helmet! I merged a Bluetooth Headset with a helmet, adding some features along the way.

Step 1: Parts

To make a Bluetooth helmet you will need:
-a On Off switch
-a momentary switch
-a cheap Bluetooth headset (9€)
-a salvaged battery (or the original one from the headset)
-a Qi Wireless adapter (optional) (9€)
-a Qi Wireless Charger (optional) (6€)
and finally, an old Moped Helmet !

Step 2: Cleaning the Vintage Helmet

First , it needed a good paint. So with a knife , sanding sponges and a sander, I removed the existing paint.

Step 3: Cutting Holes in the Plastic

I also cut holes in it to fit some buttons. One is for powering the device and the other one is for pausing the music.

Step 4: Painting the Helmet

In this step, I painted my helmet. I first add a coat of white spray paint and then a blue one. I tried to make some design, but I was removing the paint with the tape...

Step 5: Taking the Bluetooth Headset Apart

In this part I just gently broke the helmet apart, only keeping the main board, and the speakers and "earpads".

Later I will also get rid of the 155 mAh battery for a 2000 mAh one.

Step 6: Puting Everything Together

Now you need to solder and glue every thing together! After that just put back in place the styrofoam and the foam. You can check my (sort-of) schematics to do so.
And you are done! Just appear your phone with the helmet. The back button powers it up, the side button plays and pauses. Finally you can charge it with a Qi wireless charger.
If you are into vintage moped and new technologies, stay tuned for my Electric Moped Build !

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