Introduction: Cheapest & Easiest White Board

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With this short Instructable , I will show you how I made a white board!
You will mostly need cardboard, a picture frame and a lot of tape!

Step 1: The Parts

The main thing you will need is a glass frame. I used a 3€ 40cmx50cm frame from Action.
You will also need:
- Adhesive pads (70cts)
- Duct Tape (2€)
- Wooden Chopsticks (free)
- Cardboard (free)
Keep in mind that a frame is heavier thant a whiteboard so try to take a light one.

Step 2: Create the White Board

Take your frame and change the picture to the white side. If you want to customize your White Board now is the time. Put the wood back together and try to create a cardboard support to mount it to the wall later.
I used some thin card board, some chopsticks, some adhesive pads and some duct tape to create a pen plate beneath the frame.

Step 3: Mount It to the Wall

For this part, since I'm not allowed to drill through my walls, I used the protective cardboard to create two supports. I also "double-sided" my tape and sticked it to the cardboard pads.

Step 4: That's It!

That's it you've got a nice White Board to work with now!

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