Introduction: Augmented Reality Paper Mario

Have you already played Paper Mario Sticker Staron Nintendo 3DS?
A great thing to be unwrapped under the christmas tree! And a great thing to be played, as well.

So I gathered all my creative talents and crafted a magic diorama that can be built in less than 20 minutes.
World, hast thou ever seen quite a thing like that? It is the future, no really.

Step 1: Getting Ready

The first step is download the PDF. It can be found here and is of course free to download.

The second step is to buy a smart phone. It can be found here and is of course expensive to buy.

And in the rare case that you already have one, you have to download Junaio.
This is an Augmented Reality App and available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Step 2: Papercraft - Printing

Print out the PDF.

Second page is enough, if you want to take care of the forest and the ink lagoons.
In case you have heavy paper (twice as heavy as normal paper would be great) you should use it.
It makes a much more convincing impression, because it doesn’t curl easily like normal paper. And you may want to set the printer settings to non-glossy photo paper.

Step 3: Papercraft - Assembling

Let’s start with the crafting!

Before you cut everything out, you should scratch all folding lines with a cutter or your scissors.

These are mountain folds - - - - -
and these are valley folds . . . . . .

The first picture shows how to assemble the background. The hills are bent not only for optical but for stability reasons.

When you glue the cube together, glue the flap that you see in the second picture first. Then glue the arm on the backside on the white areas and then the top square to the 3 flaps.

Then glue the arm of the cube to the hills. If the cube doesn’t seem to hang in the air quite convincing, you can cheat a bit with the aid of sticky tape in the back, like I did in picture 3.

Step 4: Discover

You are done!

All you have to do now is point at the diorama with Junaio on your phone and discover the magic!

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