Introduction: Aura Remover

Are you tired, listless and can't you sleep well? Does your head hurt, are you stressed or do you have fear for the unknown? Or are you restless, have itches all over and want to run around and scream to your collegues, friends and family?

It could be that you are infected with an aura. Unfortunately having an aura is getting more common these days and it is making more victims every day.

But now there is a solution, a simple and very effective way to get rid of your aura. A small device that removes that annoying aura in a matter of days.

EDIT: The UV led needs about 3V to work, this works fine with two fresh 1.5V batteries but after a few days it will get very faint. So I added a third 1.5V battery to the schematic. BUT!!! the ESP8266 has a maximum working voltage of 3.3V so it cannot work on 4.5V. That is the reason that I placed this third battery in what looks like a very odd place. Now the Aura-Remover stays bright for days on end. I left the original schematic here so you can compare them.


ESP8266 module

UV led

PNP transistor (eg.BC557)

a few resistors and capacitors

2 AA batteries + Holder

(semi) Transparant crystal

small piece of perspex

project box

Arduino software with support for the ESP8266

USB to serial converter

Step 1: How Does It Work?

As is common knowledge an aura can be disturbed with Wifi waves. But when the Wifi waves are always there, an aura will get used to it and can then infect you. Dr. Oetker from the Trump University in New York (NY) discovered that when you switch Wifi waves on for just a few seconds and then off again, An aura gets confused and will sometimes wander around. This proved to be the first step to cure you from aura.

The next step was invented by accident by prof. Ken Bacon from the Cedarville Evolution College (CEC) in Ohio. He was as always trying to create life in a petri dish when he noticed a faint glow around the dish. At first prof. Bacon thought he had succeeded but it turned out to be the aura he was suffering from. When he realized this he naturally tried to kill it. Bleach didn't work, nor did acid and soap. Again by accident he discovered that shining UV light on it weakened the aura. Flashing worked even better, the aura was erased in a matter of hours.

The third step was created by Indian guru and nuclear physicus Deepak Choppi in New Delhi. He had read about the work of dr. Oetker and prof. Bacon and realized that you had to find a way to get the wandering aura in a small place where you could shine pulsed UV light on it. The solution eluded him for months but was extremely simple. As he said later, "why didn't I think of this before!?" So what did he do?

Again using common knowledge about aura's he used a crystal to catch it. Everyone knowsthat Aura's, and other esotheric entities are attracted to crystals (pyramids may work too, but that hasn't been investigated yet).

Now the process to get rid of an aura was complete, first annoy them with periodic pulses of Wifi waves. Place a crystal in the room to attract it into and then shine pulses of UV light into the crystal. In a matter of hours the aura will disappear.

Wifi waves are safe, as was proved by Ernst Stavro Blofeld in 1861.

UV light from leds is UV-A light and is safe, the sun produces it, so it is macro_bio_dynamic_vegan.

Do not lick the crystals, you don't know where they have been.

Step 2: Building the Aura Remover

So now we know the cure for Aura. But how can we make it work. Constantly switching on and off the Wifi in your house may prove to very unhealth for you... Fortunately, nowadays Wifi wave can be made with a very small and cheap device made by very good and smart Chinese engineers, the ESP8266 microcontroller. You can buy such a device for a few Euro on Ebay or Aliexpress. You can also buy more expensive ones from Sparkfun and their collegues/competitors but that isn't necessary.

As it is a microcontroller we can also use it to generate pulses for the UV-A led. One thing that needs attention is the energy consumption of the ESP8266, at 3.3V (max) it uses 85mA when Wifi is active and 25mA when Wifi is off. That would drown any battery in days if not hours. The ESP needs to be put in "deepsleep" mode. With the Arduino software this is very simple, just put ESP.deepSleep(10000000UL); in your code and it sleeps for 10 seconds, drawing just a few microamps.

To wakeup the ESP8266 there needs to be a connection between pin8 and pin 32 of the chip. On the boards I bought this connection wasn't there, so I had to solder a wire from one of those very tiny pins.

Also, I had some trouble getting the ESP8266 to work well when it returned from its deep sleep mode. The only way I could get it to start reliably was when all pins were pulled up to Vdd (+3V) during the reboot. That is why there are so many resistors that seem to have no real use. (see schematic)

Step 3: Software and Testing

The Arduino program is very simple. It starts the Wifi part of the ESP8266 and pulses the UV led 13 times. I have chosen that number because it is thought that auras are very sensitive to lucky numbers. To make sure that the aura gets it, these 13 pulses of UV light are repeated 13 seconds later.

The ESP8266 then goes to sleep to conserve battery power. Five minutes later the sequence repeats itself, making sure that the aura is under maximum pressure...

#include "ESP8266WiFi.h"
#include "WiFiClient.h"

const char *ssid = "Aura_Eraser";
const char *password = "Cofeve";

void setup()
digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
pinMode(2, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(2, HIGH);

WiFi.softAP(ssid, password); // Start the access point

void loop()
for (uint8_t teller = 0; teller < 13; teller++)
digitalWrite(2, LOW); //13 pulses
digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
delay(13000); //13 seconds wifi only
for (uint8_t teller = 0; teller < 13; teller++)
digitalWrite(2, LOW); //another 13 pulses
digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
ESP.deepSleep(600E6); //power off for 600 sec (5 min)

You can check the working if the ESP8266 with your laptop (or phone), when the UV-A led flashes you should see a Wifi network called "Aura_Eraser"

Good luck getting rid of that annoying aura.