Introduction: AuraCube 12x12x12 RGB LED Cube

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Similar to the AuraCube 8x8x8, here is the DIY instruction of the AuraCube 12x12x12

For the commercial version of AuraCube at it was a DIY kit too, so need this instruction to build it.

With audio input can assembly as a 36x12x4 3D audio spectrum display

With animation drawing software, two of our customer created amazing animation for the cube and we added it into our firmware

To make it possible for homemade, we share the construction file of every parts we are selling

We may adjust the contents to balance the DIY interest and selling business.

Step 1: Parts You Needed

Contents: (every parts you need to build the 121212 AuraCube)

1850x common anode rgb leds 750x 380mm length tinted copper wire

1x Main controller board

3x Big PCB size is 12*36cm combine 3 together to 36*36cm

18x Copper leg for the PCB

1x 5v15a power supply

1x remote controller

1x ST-Link V2 programmer with ribbon cable

1x USB extention cable

1x Micro SD Card

1x registration key for the software (refer to the instructions)

Step 2: Soldering the LED

Follow the video. just make sure your solder iron temp not higher than 350 degree Celsius

Soldering rig is included in the kit, you can also download and print the soldering rig here:

3D printed rig part A

3D printed rig part B

New Update: Laser cut plywood rig included in the kit

Step 3: The Schematic

Step 4: Homemade Your PCB

If you like, you can try homemade the PCB in a easy way,

The main controller board can be replaced by STM's development board, just make sure they using the same MCU, and pins out the connection to the HS3410 and 595 ICs, they are the main ICs light up the leds, with the controller board and this two IC, you have finished half of the PCB needed to light the AuraCube.

Step 5: The Animation Software and the Source Code

Software download link

Software instruction uploaded later

Source code file

Step 6: Power Supply

It used a 5V15a power supply in this design, which is not easy to find in the market.

When all led light up, it actually consume 5V5a, but not bright enough if using 5V5a.

The power input jack is DC 5*2.5mm

Step 7: Upload the Firmware

This will need the

ST-Link USB programmer

Ribbon cable

And the firmware download here

1.Download the software STM32 ST-LINK (it has driver for the USB programmer)

2.The driver will installed after the installing the software

3.Power on the led cube (or connect the small controller board to 5V min usb port for power), and connect each CLK, DIO and GND pin on the PCB together with the usb programmer, and plug in to the PC. You can't use the 3.3V and 12V pin on the small controller board for power.

4. Press File>Open>firmware.hex, Target>Connect, Target>Program and Verify, it should be done in second.

5. Press Disconnect to remove the small controller board