Introduction: Australian Flag Nail Art Tutorial

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Show your Aussie spirit on your nails!

Materials you'll need:

Blue nail polish - I used MAC Breezy Blue
White nail polish - I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On!
Red nail polish - I used China Glaze Hey Sailor
Clear topcoat - I used Seche Vite
scotch tape
nail art brush
flat, stiff-bristled brush

The steps:

1. Paint your nails with the blue polish and let them dry COMPLETELY!

2. With 2 pieces of scotch tape, mask off a small rectangle in the upper left corner of the nail. This is where we'll paint the mini Union Jack!

3. With the white polish, paint a white line across the masked-off rectangle both horizontally and vertically.

4. Next, paint a white diagonal in each of the 4 quadrants created by the first two white lines you painted. Start at the center and paint out to the corners of the rectangle.

5. Next, using your red polish, paint a thin red line in the middle of the two white lines you first painted.

6. After painting the main lines, paint a thin red line in th middle of the white diagonal lines. Make sure you leave a white border between this red line and the main red lines in the middle.

7. Take your tape off! Time to paint your stars!

8. Using your white polish, you'll paint five 7-pointed stars and one 5-pointed star. The first is underneath the union jack, close to the bottom of the flag. The other four 7-pointed stars form a sort of cross on the right half of the flag. One lines up with the bottom of the Union Jack and is slightly to the right of it. Closer to the right edge of the flag, but directly in line with the previous star is the next one. At the top of the flag, in the center of the previous two stars is the fourth 7-pt star, and finally at the bottom of the flag below the 4th star is the fifth and final 7-pt star. Lastly, the 5-pointed star is slightly to the right of the topmost star, and slightly below the middle stars.

To create the 7-pointed stars, make an arrow pointing up, then an arrow over it pointing left. This will give you 6 points. paint a 7th point on the left side of the star where there is a small void.

To create the 5-pointed star, paint as you would draw one on paper. :)

9. Add a coat of your clear topcoat and go throw some shrimps on the barbie- you're done, mate!