Introduction: Automated Lightning for Small Garden

Hello! Welcome to my first instructable.
This instructable is about home decoration and automation.

I moved to a department. As I grew up in a house with a big backyard and a lot of green, I wanted to see some plants on my department. So I get a couple of pallets and bought some plants. I put those pallets outside of the living room. To make this more interesting, I added some lights that switch on automatically at night.

I got the pallets for a really good price and I went to a nursery garden, where I got some flowers and some aromatics.

Step 1: Materials

1- Lights: preferently 5V led lights
2- Old cellphone 5V transformer
3- Basic sonoff model
4- Male and female plugs
5- Pallet with plants (or anything that you would like to feature)
6- Some basic tools and wires

Step 2: Connecting

As led strings doesn't have a big current consume (shouldn't be more than 20mA) and the output of my old cellphone charger indicates 5V, 450mA maximum, I connected both led strings to this charger and covered with duct tape.

As I like to see the plants illuminated when I arrive home, I added a sonoff switch that I've program to switch on when the night arrives, and it switch off when I usually go to sleep.
You can connect the sonoff between the line and your cellphone charger with the plugs and a cable. Pay attention to isolate correctly on both sides of the sonoff switch.

Step 3: Testing

When you have your led strings attached to your charger you can connect the charger to the line and test lights. If everything is okey, move on and connect the sonoff to the line and to the charger. At this point you should download the eWeLink app to program and control the sonoff switch.
After this, enjoy and share!

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