Introduction: Automatic Bed Light for Aged Ones

This is a bed light. But it is a special one. It is made for old ones in our home. When they wake at night for going to the toilet the have difficulty in reaching the switch. this project with helping them. So let's get started...


#Arduino (any)

#PIR sensor

#Relay module


#Some wires

Step 1: Circuit

So, first of all, we need a circuit Which controls the Bulb using a PIR sensor. You can find my circuit from the link below or the picture.

Click this to see this project in tinkercad


  • D11 of Arduino to Signal pin of PIR
  • D5 of Arduino to Signal pin of Relay
  • Power form Plug Point to BULB and Relay
  • GND from Arduino to GND of PIR and Relay

Step 2: Code

float x;
void setup()
void loop()
  x= digitalRead(11);
  if ((x>0))

Step 3: New Problem Arise

While doing this project I have faced a serious problem. That is the Placement of a PIR sensor in a room. PIR will sense all the Disturbance by a human or a substance emitting IR radiation. So we cannot place it anywhere because it is used in the night.

At last, I have solved it.

Step 4: Solution for the Problem

By placing it under the bed. we can solve it. it works fine for me.

This video is in Malayalam my mother tongue.

Step 5: Working

working is simple,

The Circuit is under the bed so when we wake up and down our legs. The PIR sensor will sense it and give a signal to the Arduino. The Arduino will give a signal to the Relay. The relay will Trigger and light up the Bulb.

Step 6: Thank for Your Time .

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