Introduction: Automatic Handwash Dispenser

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With the growing need for safe hygiene during this global pandemic, bathroom sanitation is a rising concern for many. Especially since proper handwashing has been cited as an important practice to prevent COVID-19. For this reason, many are considering the adoption of sensor technology and contactless amenities in public and private spaces. This smart technology may be the future of bathrooms to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria to the maximum extent.

About Device:-

When washing hands, the user’s hands are placed under the nozzle and before the sensor. The activated sensor will further activate the pump that dispenses a premeasured amount of soap from the nozzle.
My device is composed of two parts, a source of focused light and a light sensor. When the user’s hands are placed in line of the beam of light, the pump mechanism is activated by the disruption that is sensed by the light sensor.


• An automatic soap dispenser is a touchless device, which helps to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between repeated uses.
• An automatic hand wash dispenser is a lot easier to maintain for a number of reasons.
• With health and hygiene having become a key priority, these devices can make life a lot simpler.
• Dispensers will only distribute a set amount of soap per motion activation. A predetermined amount to be dispensed can be set to a highly efficient quantity in which waste will be minimal.

Step 1: Components Required

• Arduino nano
• Relay module 5v
• Hookup wires
• Pcb board
• 9v battery
• Battery clip
• Cable tie
• Submersible pump motor
• 5v battery
• Slide switch
• Soldering kit
• Glue gun

Step 2: Apps Required

• Arduino Ide

Step 3: Some Project Images

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

Step 5: Arduino Code

void setup(){
void loop(){
if(digitalRead(2)== 1){

Step 6: Project Demo Video

I hope you enjoy my project.