Introduction: Easy Stairs Back Light Automation

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ASL Arduino shield

✔ Up to 24 stairs setup availability.

✔ Fade out effect. PWM modulation.

✔ Can be connected wirelessly with more than 20 of the leading home automation controllers on the market.

✔ Ready to use sketch .

✔ Combined with Mysensors lib. (can be included as relay, in this case no light sensor needed, just create a Day/Night scene inside your home controller)

Here is step by step video instruction:

How i did it..

Step 1:

First ,you need to get ASL shield.

Here is the link for all source files.

Step 2:

Once you get it, follow step by step instruction :

1. Follow the
schematic sketch bellow to wire it up.

2. Download and install Mysensor-master(optional) and ShiftPWM -master libraries to Arduino IDE:

3. Download a sketch .

Download tub

( Two options: choose sketch 'ForASLMysensorInkluded' or 'ForASLOnlyLightSensor' for controlling

day/night mode.

4. Edit code : Set number of stairs, pause between on/off, check your sensors type, adjust photocell

sensitivity (if using)

5. Upload the code to Arduino Nano.

6. Insert Arduino to ASL Shield.

7. Insert NRF24L01+ modul . ( optional )

8. Set Mysensors plugin to including mode. ( optional )

8. Power up ASL Shield.

( optional - means you can skip this step ,if ‘ForASLOnlyLightSensor.ino’ sketch is used )

Step 3:


ASL can be connected to more then 20 leading home controllers..

In this case ASL shield needs Mysensors Gataway to comunicate with your home controller. If you do not have such, please visit