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Here is my next project on how to make a stairs backlight. This time i was using RGB strip and addressable drivers.The trick was that only 3 wires cable can be used for controlling the leds. So no mess with wiring at all.

The parts I used:

SRGB controller.

RGB Drivers.

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

RGB and MONO led strips


Step 1: Connection

The idea is vary simple. 3 wires are coming from the board : PWR, GND, DATA

All Drivers are powered from PWR and GND lines... The DATA cable goes to the first Driver input,then from Driver output to the second Driver input and so on...

Some different types of pir sensors can be connected to the main board. You can find them on to the attached sketch.

Any Smart Home Relay can be attached as well.Its for controlling day/night mode..

I was trying to solder the wires at the vary beginning, but suddenly found a handy stuff on aliexpress.
This is a Heat Shrink Butt Connectors.So all wiring been done in 10 min. Oh forgot to mention, i did the first trial assembly on my working bench... actually when doing wiring along the stairs steps it will takes some longer time...

Here is a video i found on Youtube about those shrinks.

Step 2: How It Works.

I have attache some videos.

There are two types of drivers for RGB and MONO led strip.I have checked both of them..

Thank for your attention, if some questions do not hesitate to ask...