Introduction: Automatic Night Lamp

About: I'm from India and love making projects on electronics, specially with arduino. Internet is the only guidance I have and I've been into these since I was 11.

Being fed up of turning lights outside on and off for night and day, I decided to make a simple relay controlled device which could do it automatically for me, Automatic Night Lamp works using simple principles of transistors and Light Dependent Resistors.

So lets get started.

Step 1: Things Needed

Step 2: The Schematic

Connect everything to the schematic, I recommend first testing everything on the breadboard as I did in the Video tutorial before soldering everything on the breadboard.

Be sure to add the diode in reverse bias in order to protect the circuit from the back emf from the relay's coil.

Step 3: Testing the Project.

I advise to test the circuit on low voltage first, as I connected 12V LED strip instead of 220V mains for testing, and you're good to go.

Have fun

Thanks for reading.