Introduction: Automatic Shoe Box

I think every shoe collector or any people that love shoes will put their shoes in transparent acrylic boxes to protect them. This page leads you to create the automatic open shoe box step by step that will decrease the time that you open the box. Other than that, only have the box open is too bored, this box also has the random color of light that opens with the shoe box.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

A shoe Box with

  1. Width 30cm
  2. Long 30cm
  3. Height 15cm

2x RGB light

1x Arduino Uno

1x Servo Motor

2x Ohm resistance

1x Ultrasonic sensor

Step 2: Design the Box’s Size That You Need to Fit Your Shoe

This project's purpose is to open the shoe box, everyone has a different size of shoe, so everyone can make their own size of a shoebox.

Step 3: Complete the Circuit

This step is to do the circit as the photo above to create a project with a same function. There might be some of the pins that it was broken, so you can change the pin.

Step 4: The Code of the Shoe Box

Step 5: Try the Distance That Is the Most Suitable for Yourself

The distance at every house might be different, so you can try the distance that is the most suitable for you.

Step 6: Change the Degree That the Servo Motor Spin

The different size of the box might influence the degree that the servo motor change. When the box is high and deep, the servo motor needs to shin in a bigger degree.

Step 7: Insert All the Lines in Boxes and Stick on the Box

This step is to change the box into more beautiful and hide all the wires.