Introduction: Automatic Compost Tea Brewery

This compost tea brewery can be put on a timer or it can just brew all day and all night. It is up to you! You can brew it ready for 8 am every morning if you wish!

Step 1: More Compost Coffee Than Compost Tea

I use a small bubble pump for aquariums to send air to the compost bin. As the pump moves the compost tea back up to the top of the compost it froths up.

Step 2: The Working Model

My compost bin uses air from my pneumatic grid to pump the tea around the compost. The pneumatic grid is powered by a bubble pump and 2 solar powered air pumps. And it runs a fish pond, and its waterflea filter. It waters plants in a greenhouse and it also waters a pallet planter and 2 "boat" planters (They have "water in the hold" and I use airlift to pump this water up to the plants.

Step 3: Here It Is!

I am not used to this format for instructables so hopefully I have added enough pictures.

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