Introduction: Automatik Tea Dispenser

Hi everyone, this is my first instructable. I Want to make an automatic te dispenser. The idea is simple, i got a lot of different tea flavours. i wanted to make a dispenser easy to handle and easy to build, and this is what i came up with. The brain of the thing Will be an arduino, quite easy programmed.

Step 1: What You Will Need

- a Wood panel
- 6 empty bottles
- 6 servio motors
- some wires
- an arduino

Step 2: The Bottles

You Take 6 bottles, and cut the top and the bottom of Them.
Using my soldering item, i cut, 2 circular shapes for the motor axis.

Step 3: The Axis and the Motors

The motor unit is built, by connecting 4 quart-circles together to a wooden axis. The circles as the panel holding the motor was cut with a laser cutter.

Using a 3D printer a made a connector for connecting the servo motor to the wooden axis

Step 4: Connecting the Motor to the Bottle

Using a hot glue gun, connect the Bottle to the previously made motor unit

Step 5: The Software + Schematics

Connect the arduino, the resistor, the push button and the servo motor as shown in the picture.

The code is attached here.

In the video you can see me testing the setup.


Step 6: Making the Control Panel

With a laser cutter, i cut the buttons, and the panel.
Underneat, i have an electronic board. With some push buttons and a some resistors. The panel Will be connected to the arduino.

Step 7: Making the Main Panel

After making the holes Where the tea is going to run, i glue the bottles to the main board.

I used paper sheets to cover the "tubes" from the bottles.

Step 8: The Back of the Panel

Turning the panel back, i had to add tubes and wires to the motors down to the arduino.

the pictures are self explanatory, on how i did. the tubes are cut from some card boards.

Step 9: Adding the Control Panel

Here i add the control panel to the rest of the build

Step 10: Adding the Arduino

Connect the arduino to the back of the panel, and connect the wirings from the servo motors and from the push buttons in the front of the panel

Step 11: Finishing the Build

Here it is :)

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