Introduction: Avenger Multipurpose Desk Box

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Hii friends .

This is multipurpose desktop box use as Penholder , mobile holder , rubics cube(9x9) holder and store small things which frequently need at your desktop work.

see next step and start making.


We need some stationary to make this project.

if you have access of LASER CUTTER it will be best to cut 2 mm mdf presicely.

1> MDF sheet (3x4 feet)

2>Adhesive bottle

3> Paper cutter

4>LED light & 9V battery(for lighting)

5>jigsaw (if you don't have laser cutter access)

Step 1: Cut the Box

If you have LASER cutter ,

you directly use .dxf file for laser cutting.

If you don't have laser cutter you use Jigshw to cut Squre box and paper cutter for hexagon .

use power and speed for laser cutter as per cutting and etching as per machine standards.

Step 2: Assemble Box and Supports

Assemble all squres as per side and bottom notation .

also we have avenger face on some round pieces .

just stick around 4 faces .

Step 3: Application of This Box

1>Use aspen box for collect small things.

2>Light box.

3>Phone holder.

4>Rubics cube holder

5>Small part storage (Pendrive ,some Elecrical components.)


Step 4: Inspiration and Making

i am inspire to make this type of multipurpose thing is because at my desk all small part cover much space and i was not find small things from all over desk ,so i make this for collect all the thing in one box which is good looking and multipurpose.also handy.

Thank you.

make it ,like it, share it, vote it.

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