Avengers Infinity Mirror




Introduction: Avengers Infinity Mirror

I made a light out of the Avengers Logo with LED's and mirror foil


3mm ply wood

2mm plexiglas

LED Stips

12v power supply


Mirror Foil

spray colors

wood glue

glue gun

led driver or shelly 1





3d printer

Step 1: Prepare Your Logo for Cutting

I used lightburn to create every single layer of the light

The acrylic mirror is also cutted by the laser and glued to the first layer of the light then you measure the width of your led stripe, this will be the height where you have to glue layer by layer together

don't forget to apply enough pressure on your pieces for them to glue tightly together

Step 2: Applying the Led Stip

now you glue the led strip to the inner walls of your logo, next to the mirror. I made holes for the cables to run behind the wood and enter the foot of the light later on.

Step 3: Acry and Mirror Foil

now you take a big 2mm acrylic panel and stick the mirror foil to it. here is an easy tutorial on how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqpnBpaSSzs

now you cut the same file again you have done for the mirror, but make it a little bigger.

the there panels will then be glue to your light.

Step 4: Finishing the Light

for a good finishing, i glue another few plywood panels on top of it, and spayed them in the desired color

Step 5: Adding a Foot/Stand

I designed the food in a 3d program, you can download my STL and easily print it yourself

make it with enough infill, so the light will stay good in place.

beneat the stand i used some rubber sticky pads, so that the light doesn't slip away

the stand is designed so that the weight of the light is redirected to the stand, which makes it very stable and it will not easily tilt to the front with it's own weight

the stand is glue with a hot glue-gun.

Step 6: Controlling the Led

I've used the normal LED driver that was furnished with the light them self, but you can also go for a Shelly if you want to use the light smarter

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