Introduction: Avoid Gmail Ads

Are you a Gmail user, or do you have friends who are? Do you resent the "Sponsored Link" advertisements that come up next to the incoming mail? Now you and your friends can do something about it!

Step 1: Simple Step

The solution is simple, when sending an email to a gmail user include a sentence or two that mentions catastrophic events or tragedies. Google's bots search for keywords that trigger the advertisements, however, if they happen to find a catastrophic event or tragedy Google errs on the side of good taste and removes the ads altogether.

Step 2: After

You may want to make mention of what you are doing so the recipient is not alarmed by your sudden Tourette's-like outburst.

Step 3:

If the message runs long Google turns the ads back on, however, if you add another "sensitive" word they go off again. After extensive testing I've discovered you need 1 catastrophic event or tragedy for every 167 words. I usually toss in a couple extra for good measure.

I like "suicide death 9/11 murder" although the more tasteful "These words are designed to kill advertisements" works just as well.

To avoid receiving the ads you need your friends to get on board. I recommend changing your signature to include a plea for catastrophic words to be included in all emails to you in the future.

Step 4: Last Step

Of course there are still ads on the page or "Sponsored links" in googlespeak. They are turned on by default, but can easily be turned off in the gmail preferences.