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Who doesn't Love music, and for those music lovers portable Bluetooth speaker is very cool and neat gadget.

There are lot of options available these days .But as a maker why would you purchase one if you can make it very easily.So, In this Instructable I will show how you can make your own Bluetooth speaker.

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Step 1: Gather Parts

Step 2: Designing the Case

I designed the case in Fusion360 software.This Software is free for students, startups, and hobbyist.If you have not already downloaded the software, go ahead and download the software here.

The design of the Speaker Include 3 3D printed parts namely:- Battery Housing, Speaker Housing, and the Speaker Grill.

The Design was made in such away that It could be opened very easily without any difficult prying techniques.

So Basically, The Speaker Housing Screws on Top Of the Battery Housing and then the Speaker Grill is fixed to the Speaker Housing using Super Glue.

I Have also attached the Fusion360 Design File.You can use the same to do any sort of modifications.

Note:- The dimensions used in the design is based upon the components I used, If you are using different components then you need to modify it accordingly.

Step 3: 3D Printing the Speaker

The Design was then converted into 3 STL files .Then STL models were Sliced in Simplify3D software.

You can also use CURA.

Following Print Settings Were Used:-

  • Infill percentage 15%
  • Shells/Perimeters 3
  • Print Speed 60m/s
  • Nozzle Temperature 210 deg C
  • Bed Temperature 55 deg C
  • Fan Cooling 100%

Then use my Anet A8 3D printer to print all the three parts .

I printed Speaker Grill and Speaker Housing in Red Pla and Battery Housing in black Pla.

I have attached the STL files you can use the same.

Step 4: Assembling the Parts

Place the Micro switch in it's place and then bend the pins and attach two wire to the center pin and any of the two side pins,Then give a twist to wires .

Then Fix the Speaker in the Speaker Housing and then use 4 screw to secure it in the place.

After that solder Two wires two the speaker Make sure to note the polarity in speaker ,It is generally marked as + and - .

Then fix two wires to the battery and remember to take care of the polarity.

Next Fix the Battery in the Battery Housing using Hot Glue .

Then solder the battery's +ve and -ve wire to the VIN and GND pads on the SX1308 boost module and then attach a multimeter at it's output and then adjust the potentiometer till the output voltage is 5v.

After that remove the wires.

Then solder the center wire from the switch to the battery +ve and the other wire from the switch to the SX1308 module VIN Pad . and attach the GND pin of battery to the GND Pad.

Then FIX the module using Hot Glue in the battery Housing.

After that connect the Speaker's +ve wire to the L+ pad on the Bluetooth Board and the Speaker's -ve wire to the L- pad on the Bluetooth board.

Next connect a wire to the +5v pad on Bluetooth Board and the Vout pad on the SX1308 Boost Module

and a wire from Gnd Pad of the Bluetooth Board to the Gnd pad of the SX1308 Board.

Then secure the Bluetooth Board Using Hot Glue.

Next place the TP4056 Board on the battery and mark the area where a cutout has to be produced.

Then using soldering Iron make the necessary cutout and test that the TP4056 fits well.

After That use Hot Glue to Fix the Board to the battery.Use a lot of Hot Glue.

Next connect the B+ pad to the Battery +ve and B- pad to the Battery -ve .

Then secure everything using a lot's of Hot Glue.

After that use super glue to fix the Speaker Grill to the top of Speaker Housing.

Then use some foam and tissue inside the cavity of the two matting parts so as to improve bass and sound.

Step 5: Testing

Turn on the switch and you should hear a message to connect to a Bluetooth device .

Next use any smartphone and turn on the Bluetooth and pair it with the Speaker.

You should hear a confirmation message that the device is paired.

All the initializing is done.

Then play a song of your choice and start rocking.

The battery Backup is around 6 to 7 hours and battery Charging Time is about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Step 6: FINISH

I hope You Liked This Project.

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Step 7: VIDEO

Here is how it sounds and look

Just listen and enjoy

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