Introduction: Awesome SpiderMan Fidget Spinner

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Fidget spinners are great toys. They are growing like insane and everyone loves them. They also useful if you have diseases like autism, depression and restlessness. Or you can even use them for just fidgeting.

Of Course, there are a lot of fidget spinners available in the market, some cheap or expensive.

But how about a customised one that you can make yourself very easily.

In this Instructable we will be building a Spiderman Fidget Spinner with just only one bearing.

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Step 1: Gather Your Parts

This build will not require a lot of parts. Following parts are required:

  • 3D Printer (In MY case Anet A8)
  • 608zz Bearing/R188(for high speeds)
  • Any Filament Of your choice (In MY case PLA+ Black)

All the components are readily available at your local hardware store except the 3D Printer. For that, you can look around a maker space or FAB shop near you.

Step 2: Software Required

You can use any Designing software and slicing software that you have.

In my case, I used Fusion360 as a designing software and Simplify3D as a slicing Software.

The reason I chose Fusion360 is that its freeware for students and hobbyists and is very to use for any begineer.

Also If you just Want to use my design then you can use the Fusion360 Software.

Step 3: Designing the Fidget Spinner

As I said I designed the fidget spinner in Fusion 360. It was a very simple design and I have added the iges file for it also. You can import it and then you can make necessary changes to it. Although if you want the same design then there is no need of any changes and you can directly download the attached STL file and load it in your favourite slicing software.

Go ahead and download the STL Files.

Note: - print cap two times

Step 4: 3D Print Settings

Following are the setting that i Followed:

Infill Density = 100%

Outline overlap = 100%

Layer Height = 0.1mm

Bed Temperature = 55 deg C

Nozzle Temperature = 210 deg C

Note: You may need to scale the model up by 5 to 10% depending upon your printer as generally plastic shrinks into size while cooling.

'For this make a small cube or a ring and test the actual dimensions with the designed dimensions .Then you can work out for the scaling of the model.

Step 5: Assembling and Testing

This is a very easy step.

Remove the 3D printed parts from the Heated Bed and then press fit the bearing inside the provided hole.

And then again Press Fit the Upper and Bottom caps on to the bearing.

And your very own fidget spinner is ready.

Now You can test run it and enjoy.

Also remove any brim attached to the 3D printed part.

Step 6: FINISH

So, There You Have it Your Very own SPIDERMAN Fidget Spinner.

Of Course you can make it any colour you want.

I Hope You like this instructable .

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