Introduction: Awesome Blanket Fort!

This is a decked out simple blanket fort. What you'll need: 1. 2 Large Blankets 2: Lighting Lamps and or Christmas lights 3: Computer, tv or Ipad [for watching tv] 4: A Cooler 5: carpet of some kind or large blanket 6: Portable fan 7: Pillow 8: 4 foot pole 9: a heart ready to build an epic fort 

Step 1: 4 Corners

get 4 corners to put your large blanket on then pin the blanket to the corners in some way.

Step 2: Walls

Put another large blanket on the side of the roof make sure you made the fort in a corner so you can save blankets.

Step 3: Into the Fort We Go

Now we go into the fort but first put the 4 foot pole in the center of the fort to make it taller. You can see I used a toy gun as a pole. Be creative!  Put down your carpet or large blanket on the ground to make flooring. then put your sleeping bag down to form your bed and don't forget your pillow!. Put your computer against the wall so you can watch movies and put a cooler near it to keep your drinks cool. Put the fan in a corner to make the whole fort cooled.

Step 4: Lights

First put a lamp in the middle to light the whole fort up. Then put Christmas lights on the corners. Then your done!

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